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Arkansas Trappers Association

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2007 Fur Sale
Saturday, January 27th, 2007
National Guard Armory
1717 Airport Rd. Russellville, Arkansas
Sponsored by Arkansas Trappers Association

Host Hotel:  The Comfort Inn, 3019 E. Parkway Dr., I-40 & Exit 84, Russellville, AR. (For Reservations call 479-967-7500. For a group rate, let them know you are with the ATA).
The sale will proceed as follows:
6:30 AM:  We will begin issuing lot numbers and lot tags at the front door for those of you who do not already have one reserved. You must pay the $10.00 fee before you will be issued a lot number. ( *To reserve a lot number, see below). Do not bring your fur in until you are told to do so
8:00 AM:  The auction will begin and you will be expected to move all of your fur to the table. If you want to pull out ("PO") a lot after the final bid, you must do so before it leaves the auction table. When all of your fur has been sold, it will be taken to the Buyer's tables. You must first go to the Secretary's table to pay your commission and you will then be given your receipts to take to the Buyer's tables to collect your money.
You must have no more than 5 green beaver per bundle of fur and no more than 10 green raccoons per bundle. NO EXCEPTIONS! (You may have as many bundles as you like per slot).
You will be charged 25 per slot.
There will be a seperate table at the sale for tagging your otters and bobcats. You will be responsible for getting them tagged. If they come up on the auction table and are not tagged, they will not be sold!
Sellers must be ATA members! (Memberships will be available at the sale).
Members must donate 5% commission as soon as your fur is sold.
We will not allow "outside deals" (with the exception of deer hides or horns).
All fur will go across the auction table for all buyers to bid on.
In case of bad weather (snow or ice), please contact Dub Shankle @ 479-997-1035; or Cindy Bass @ 870-612-5347 for information about re-scheduling.
*In order for members to obtain your reserved lot number, send your name, address, phone number, & hunting license number along with a $10.00 check or money order to:
Aaron Hitchcock
9331 Sister Lane
Mulberry, Ar. 72947
Your reservation must be received no later than January 1st, 2007.
When you sell your fur, this deposit will be subtracted from the commission you owe. If you choose not to send the reservation fee to reserve a number, when you arrive at the sale you will be given the next available lot number after you pay your $10.00 deposit. You must pay this deposit in order to receive a number.
We will have a random drawing after January 1st to assign the lot numbers. As soon as the numbers are drawn, you will receive a postcard in the mail, advising you of your assigned number.

Fur Sale Results
January 28th, 2006
Russellville, AR.

Raccoon (green) avg: $5.38, high: $8.25, low:$.50

                  (dry) avg: $7.16, high: $14.00, low:$1.50

Beaver (green) avg:$14.58, high:$22.00, low:$.50

                 (dry) avg:$16.06, high:$24.00, low:$6.00

Otter (green) avg:$123.62, HI:$149.00,low:$30.00

             (dry) avg:$129.03, HI:$141.00,low:$100.00

Bobcat (green)avg:$51.51, HI:$160.00, low:$5.00

                 (dry) avg:$48.79, HI:$65.00, low:$15.00

Mink (green) avg:$16.75, HI:$21.00, low:$7.50

             (dry) avg:$18.75, HI:$22.50, low:$12.00

Grey Fox(green)avg:$18.01,HI:$27.50,low:$10.00

                  (dry)avg:$17.76, HI:$19.25,low:$5.00

Red Fox (green)avg:$16.00, HI:$18.00,low:$10.00

Coyote (green)avg:$12.79, HI:$25.00, low:$1.50

                 (dry)avg:$11.22, HI:$35.00, low:$5.00

Oppossum(green)avg:$.30, HI:$1.00, low:$.25

                   (dry) avg:$2.42, HI:$3.25, low:$.50

Skunk (green) avg:$1.00, HI:$1.00, low:$1.00

               (dry) avg:$3.89, HI:$6.00, low:$2.00

Civet (green)avg:$22.00, HI:$22.00, low:$22.00

Nutria (green) avg:$2.16, HI:$2.25, low:$2.00

               (dry) avg:$5.14, HI:$5.50, low:$5.00

Muskrat(green) avg:$4.46, HI:$4.75, low:$3.00

                 (dry) avg:$4.64, HI:$5.50, low:$3.50

Badger (green) avg:$20.83, HI:$27.50, low:$12.50

Castors(green) avg:1.29, HI:$3.75, low:$1.00

             (dry) avg:$6.00, HI:$14.00, low:$3.00

Squirrel(green) avg:$.50, HI:$.50, low:$.50

                 (dry) avg:$.80, HI:$.80, low:$.80

Squirrel tails avg:$.20, HI:$.24, low:$.13